Are you ready?

John Olesnavage

Dr. John Olesnavage offers an effective way to repair a torn or stuck boundary and heal relationships.

And, if you are ready to move beyond merely achieving goals and into living your purpose, he shows you how through “My Powerful Question.”

Healthy Relationships
Require Healthy Boundaries

But what does “boundary” really mean? It is most often viewed as a separating factor, a wall people construct to regulate and protect themselves in their interactions with the world. But a person’s boundary of self is, in fact, not a wall. It is a flexible, connecting fabric that interweaves limits and possibilities, defines our space as individuals and shapes our potential for satisfying relationships.

My Powerful Question

We owe our survival as a species to someone asking the right question at the right moment in history. No one knows who asked the first question. Was it the person who wondered how to create fire on demand? The one who wondered how to carry heavy stones long distances? Or the one who asked himself how he might sharpen a rock and make a spear?