About John

John is a licensed psychologist, speaker, and author of two books, Our Boundary, 2009, and, Ask* Your Powerful Question, 2018 (both can be purchased on Amazon). He is the founder and president of the My Powerful Question Institute, a non-profit that helps individuals find the Powerful Question embedded in their life story.

John holds a Ph.D. in psychology, has over thirty years of professional experience in counseling, and was clinical director for a three-county mental health board for twelve years.

Currently in his fourth year as Vice-President for Pastoral Formation, at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, John teaches pastoral counseling to seminarians, deacon candidates, and lay ministers with the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

He speaks and consults throughout the Midwest, dividing his time between Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Big Bay, Michigan.

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