Co-created Boundary Experience

Posted on by John Olesnavage

When two whole, flexible boundaries meet it creates authentic relational space.  This is space that is neither “You” nor “Me.”  This is “Us” space.  This space is healing and magical.  It is co-created because it allows both parties to experience new limits and new possibilities.

Boundaries that are torn due to trauma or loss, and boundaries that are stuck in addiction or depression, are not able to create authentic new space.  The only space they can create is marked by control.  They seek to control, or to be controlled.

What does co-created magical space look like?  It looks like two people who give-and-take without taking for granted.  There is risk and the possibility, not the guarantee, of reward.  It is feeling one’s own boundary come alive in the shared space of purposeful and authentic contact.


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