Demystifying Creativity

Posted on by John Olesnavage

Just finished reading Josh Linkner’s  book, Disciplined Dreaming.  I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to enhance their business through creativity.  This book is down to earth with numerous examples that illustrate how to apply a creative approach to a variety of business challenges.  His belief in and promotion of co-creative process is evident in his team building practices.

Josh explains that he became “obsessed with demystifying creativity” in the wake of developing his highly successful ePrize internet online promotion company.  What a magnificent example of a personally powerful question and where it can take you.

I asked the team of collaborators helping me launch My Powerful Question to formulate a creativity brief as outlined in the book.  Our initial efforts are yielding surprising breakthroughs in thinking and planning.

Read this book, you will not be disappointed.

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