Our Boundary Teaching Entrepreneurs

Posted on by John Olesnavage

Meet You At The Boundary

Have you ever had a single momentary experience that you knew- just knew– would likely change your life forever?  I was fortunate enough to have such a moment in 1995 when my graduate school advisor asked me a simple question, “Where is your Boundary?”

That question launched research for a dissertation and enlarged to “What role does boundary play in relationship?”   As I was able to construct an operational definition of boundary,  I also developed a relational approach to therapy I call Boundarytime.   My definition, and a description of Boundarytime as a therapeutic approach, is presented in my book, Our Boundary, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and here at boundarytime.com.

As fulfilling as my journey has been to daas I am now leading a group of 15 entrepreneurs in a process to discover their own powerful questions.  Finding and embracing a personally powerful question is a transforming experience.  Initial response has been so enthusiastic that I expect to start the next class session of “Beyond Success” this Spring.  For further information please contact me through my website.

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