Participant Questions


nancyc“Is optimism real? If so, how can I help people choose to live by it?”

Having discovered My Powerful Question, my life has taken on purpose and direction which in turn has opened many wonderful doors of opportunity. ~ Nancy C


tedc“What is the spiritual truth I am communicating in my photographs?” ~ Ted C.




tonjaa“What is it to BE authentic?”

Membership in My Powerful Question has provided guidance and focus to my talents and interests leading me on a whirlwind business and personal adventure. The entrepreneurial synergy stemming from the group propels me to continue to succeed. ~ Tonja A


christip“What will help people overcome the fear of success?” ~ Christi P.




elaineh“How do we, as individuals, feel that we are of value?”

Since discovering My Powerful Question, I have been able to focus more on how my words and actions affect those around me and what they feel about themselves. ~ Elaine H.


curtish“What is inner peace, and how can I help other people find or achieve it?”

Since discovering My Powerful Question I try to be more aware of my environment and the people involved in my life- to be less reactive and more creative when responding to the daily challenges that come our way. ~ Curtis H.


michael“How can I move beyond myself to help others move beyond themselves?”

As a result of My Powerful Question, I have become aware of the lives around me and the purpose and excitement of knowing those lives. In the past I only focused on getting problems fixed. ~ Michael B.


“How do I define time well spent?”

As a result of My Powerful Question, I am getting better at listening to my inner self. ~ Scott C.


lauram“What is legacy?”

As a result of discovering My Powerful QuestionI am actively seeking the definition of legacy- what it is, how it affect us and who is responsible for it. ~ Laura M.


lynnv“How do I stop living in the past and fearing the future, and allow myself to live in the present moment?” ~ Lynn V.



noellec“What is the joy, gift, and serenity in being alone?” ~ Noelle C.




jennyn“What is a purpose full life?” ~ Jenny D.




karend“What is fulfillment?” ~ Karen D.




lancep2“Does family history have to repeat itself?” ~ Lance P.




danp“How do I bring a spiritual presence to my current experience?” ~ Dan P.