Why Are Questions Important?

We owe our survival as a species to someone asking the right question at the right moment in history.  No one knows who asked the first question.  Was it the person who wondered how to create fire on demand? The one who wondered how to carry heavy stones long distances?  Or the one who asked himself how he might sharpen a rock and make a spear?

Innovative questions are needed as much today as in the past.  Our global economic predicament is a new plague.  People are demanding that leaders ask the right questions, the ones that lead to real recovery. 

But, where do the right questions come from?  Do schools with standardized approaches to problem solving teach young people how to ask questions?  If Einstein had been a student, instead of a patent clerk, would he have been free to explore what it would be like to ride on a beam of light?

Increasingly questions that move our world forward are relegated to rarified small communities of “thinkers” at MIT or Palo Alto.

My Powerful Question is a petri dish for motivated individuals who feel called to make a difference.  This is not the world of the academic who must feed the gods of accreditation, or the world of group think; it is the world of the entrepreneur.

I predict in the not so distant future the statue of the entrepreneur will stand next to the statue of Paul Revere.  It will honor the individual who asked the powerful question that spurred on a new generation of greatness and iconic breakthrough.