“I was fortunate to attend a workshop presented by John Olesnavage based on the material in his new book, Our Boundary. In my 22 year substance abuse treatment and prevention career, I have had many occasions to teach boundaries to clients and their families. John’s framework of boundaries as a co-created, shared responsibility that defines the limits and possibilities of our relationships is a fresh and valuable viewpoint for me. I appreciate his belief that boundaries allow a sharing of power in relationships. The equality and respect this implies is most appealing. John’s unique style of presenting is especially engaging. He is an entertaining storyteller and very knowledgeable. He is quite open to his audience and ready to adapt to their needs. By the end of his training, I felt validated for the good work I have done and challenged to learn more and do better. As someone who has a strong commitment to continuing education, I believe this is as good as it gets.”
Carroll Ann Swanson, LBSW, CAC-R, CPS-M, LPN

“Whether it’s neighbors or nations, Dr. John encounters you with a sublime idea that restores meaning and connection. A theory to mend the intimate space between people. The time is now for Our Boundary.”
Tonja Acker-Richards
Founder of AdviceGarage, Psychotherapist

“John’s presentation on ‘Our Boundary’ was fantastic. It was very thought provoking, delivered by John in an obviously knowledgeable, engaging manner. I found the presentation to be very informative and fully satisfied my expectations. This will help our staff and board be more effective with the children and families we work with.”
Norma J. Semashko, LMSW CAAC
Executive Director, Child & Family Services of the Upper Peninsula Inc.